Bolsena; The Best & Worst Of Italy

You are looking at one of the best that I have found so far on my Italian odyssey; a large (40cl) beer for 2,50โ‚ฌ. Bloody amazing. They clearly saw me coming, drenched and identified me as a potential customer who needed cheering up with a cheap drink. I suppose it could be ‘happy hour’ as the Italians call it. As I followed the edge of the storm all of the way from Acquapendente – yes, I have now proved definitively that it is possible to cycle at the same speed as a rain cloud – the blue sky and sunshine were behind me and the dark sky and rain were in front of me. Why I didn’t stop for 5 minutes and then continue in the blue sky and sunshine I do not know!
The worst of Italy? The road between Acquapendente and Bolsena. Absolutely appalling. It could win awards at the European Worst Road Surface Competition (I think Albania are hosting this year after last year’s triumph). Truly, amazingly, mindbogglingly appalling. How any regional representative in this country can drive along that surface and not think ‘Mmm… We must make a provision in next year’s budget to improve that road’ is beyond me.
But a beer for 2,50โ‚ฌ and a lovely town and now a blue sky can remedy lots of things. Even the worst road in Europe. Cheers!

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