How Far To Siena?

In the last five kilometres, the distance to Siena following the SR2 has been; firstly 18.5 kms, then 24 kms, then 19 kms and look! It’s back up to 25 kms!! Is there a game I’m missing out on here? The picture was taken in Castellina Scalo by the way if anyone would like to work out how far it really is….

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  1. ahhh I remember these signs. They’re soooo frustrating! I actually had 2 within sight of each other that were about 10km off… bizarre!

  2. Within a few kilometres of this sign I had another one saying 11 kms amd then after what seemed an eternity, another one saying 6.5 kms. I give up and will stick to the map in the future.

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