I arrived in Castelfiorentino at precisely 12 noon; the clock was striking as I cycled into what appeared to be a fairly modern place. With a name like Castelfiorentino, I suppose I could have imagined something similar to what I imagined for Montopoli in Val d’Arno earlier. I think I would be mistaken. Mind you, there does look to be a more interesting bit to the town up a hill where I can see an old bell tower. I’m not sticking around however as I’d prefer to spend the time I have looking around Siena later this afternoon and there is still 50 kilometres to go.
But before I rush off howeve after having my panino, fetta di ‘veg pie’ (you didn’t include that one Basil), just a quick word about the last couple of hours.
The route took me from village to village; I was part navigating by the sum and part by the map. Very nice and quiet roads and the iconic Tuscan scenery is beginning to kick in. Sunflowers seem to be the crop of choice around here; perhaps the man from Flora said ‘si’. As yet not too up and down….

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