Do You Serve Horse?

Because I could probably eat one. What was that? Oh yes, this is Switzerland not France. The bottle of wine, before you puritans comment, is a 50 cl bottle by the way.

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  1. Hey andrew. Been reading your blog with great anticipation each morning before work- wishing it was me enjoying the open road! Your posts are great fun to read, a really nice style of writing. I too have stayed luzern whilst camping in 2008. We stayed on a hotel for one night as I had a bad back from so much driving! I remember the weather being quite grey and rainy for us too, and having a drink in mr pickwicks! Glad reggie is holding up well, ronny ridgeback goes for his 6 week service this week, then it’s off to zeeland in the Netherlands for a long weekend of Coastal cycling. Are the new handle bars proving comfortable? I am considering the same for mine. How do you plan to get back to uk from brindisi with the bike? I couldn’t find any details in the blog. Glad trip is going well- good luck in the alps! All the best, Richard Bradley

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