I arrived in Lucern about an hour and a half ago. The waterfront is striking. Split into two halves by the river that runs like a torrent through the middle of the town, one side is what you would expect a Swiss lakeside view to look like; pretty hotels with terraces and flowery window boxes. The other side is more modem with the railway station (which looks more like a airport terminal at the front with taxis pulling up in an orderly ‘drop off’ zone) and a very large, modern black building with an immense overhanging roof… which would come in rather useful now, here at Camping International Lido Luzern; it’s throwing it down. Well it was. The rain has eased a little since staring to write and I am sitting the whole thing out under a small wooden structure next to my allocated pitch. I say ‘pitch’ in the broadest sense; ‘paddy field’ would be more appropriate. This is currently not fun ๐Ÿ™

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  1. At least you know if you can get through the next couple of days the worst will be behind you, it may seem unlikely now but in a weeks time you will be praying for rain, good luck!

  2. I am away on camp now until Saturday, when I then go home for the day to pack before following you! I can’t check everyday so have just now caught up oin the last few days- can’t wait to get going too. Thanks for the updates.

  3. As I can see from the weather forecast, all the Alps area from Luzern till Como is under bad weather conditions until Thursday.
    Going up a mountain pass with this kind of weather is not going to be fun.
    I suggest to take your time if you can, and maybe speed up a little once you’re on the Po Valley.

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