British Weather, British Pint

I have sold my soul to the tourist trail devil and have sat down for a pint of beer in an British-styled pub; Mr Pickwick Pub. I did make a point of choosing a Swiss beer rather than Fosters. You would not believe how it is continuing to piss it down here! The statistics for today which I think has been my shortest day yet; Cycling time: 2 hrs 0 mins 25 secs
Distance: 34.78 kms
Average speed: 17.3 kms/hr
Maximum speed: 45.1 kms/hr
Eurovelo 5 distance: 1461.4 kms
I’m going to do a virtual tour of the town by continuing to sit here and read my (extensive) Rough Guide section all about Lucern / Lucerne / Luzern. Take your pick!

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  1. Lieber Andrew,
    ich bin so begeistert, was Du Dir vorgenommen hast und jetzt auch in die Wirklichkeit umsetzt!

    Leider kann ich Dir nicht auf englisch schreiben, die wenigen Worte, die ich kenne, reichen für eine Nachricht nicht aus.

    Michael und ich hätten bestimmt gern mit Dir und dem Bier angestoßen. Wir werden Dich für den Rest Deiner Reise täglich begleiten und an Dich denken.

    Wir wünschen Dir viel Erfolg, Durchhaltevermögen und ganz viel Kraft – Du wirst Deinen Traum verwirklichen, da sind wir uns sicher.

    Es wäre schön, wenn Dir jemand meine Worte übersetzen könnte.

    Liebe Grüße aus Kiel (Schleswig-Holstein) von Janet vom grazy white elefant

  2. I guess one of the joys of the ride is the contrasts so Lucerne on a rainy monday evening in sodden clothing may not be a highlight (unless you have a masochistic streak), but will seem like a different world in a couple of weeks when you’re hot pedalling it through the scorching Tuscan countryside with a queue of angry Fiat Puntos lining up to overtake you! Enjoy the evening and we’ll toast you will a glass of red here. Trust you’ll be doing the same!

  3. As Miss Orlando showed us your site, we thought that it would be rude not to leave a comment! Very impressive bike ride, although it has to be said that if you had cycled faster you could have popped into the Chalet to see us. We were in Switzerland this time two weeks ago!
    Good luck from both of us, and hope it continues to go well!
    Ellie and Sophie 🙂

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