Following Orders In Ottmarsheim

Well it does say “stop” on the sign, do I did, bought some lunch and ate it by this bell. Couldn’t understand the inscription but I’m thinking they (there is another one of the other side of the road) are from a long destroyed church. Lots of religious imagery on the side. The one you can see here has a large crack in it so it might have sounded a bit flat…
This morning I headed east to begin with and rejoined the Rhine Cycleroute. That was relatively straight forward and I’ve been following it ever since, on and off. The sun is beautiful after so many days of average weather and the scenery becomes more and more stunning as I head further south especially on the German side of the river (still unseen) where the hills have definitely become mountains.
In the last few kilometres, the industrial mite of Germany has begun to rear its head. And it’s not an ugly one from this distance; mirroring the landscape behind it, it actually adds to the drama of the view rather than detracting from it. I might have a different opinion of course if I were cycling on that side of the Rhine (if it exists that is….). This afternoon I continue south to Switzerland.
P.S. A quick hello to Sian and Alexa who have just this minute texted me! Leave a comment here for the World to read ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Talking about Switzerland, I sent you an email about the route between the Canton Ticino and Northern Italy.

    • Yes, thanks for that Simone. I’ll study it in more detail next week when I am getting near to Italy. Your research and time I’m sending the details is very much appreciated. I’ll get back to you within the next few days and look forward to seeing you in Italy soon! Ciao ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Alexa and I want to know what you’ll do when someone nicks your bike whilst you are crammed in your little tent?!!! Also we wanted to correct your spelling of meerkats!!!! And to say we are very impressed with your website and your trip, feel tired just thinking about it! Take care and watch out you don’t get done for drunk cycling!!!!!! Sian and Alexa xxx

    • Compact and bijou I think you’ll find them saying in the best estate agents. I drank with moderation I’ll have you know at the wine festival although I can’t guarantee the same when I go out to celebrate the Swiss national holiday tonight in Basle.
      Glad you’re enjoying the trip with me. Keep posting the messages!

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