Coffee In Colmar

I feel like a meercat (correct spelling?) when I wake up on a campsite; I desperately search out a bit of sun and bask in it for a while to heat up my body. Today was a classic example but I was assisted in my efforts by my cycle east back towards Colmar which was into direct sunshine. And what a beautiful day! For the first time my morning ritual of slapping on a thick layer of factor 30 may not be in vain.
So here I am back in the town itself siping coffee and wolfing down two croissants (I didn’t get chance to eat much last night at the wine festival).
My route today continues to follow the as yet unseen Rhine to Basel. “Une ville industrielle” was the description of one of those wine guys last night but the waiter in this cafรฉ just spoke more positively about the place explaining that there is an old quarter and that today, the 31st July is the Swiss national holiday and that there will be fireworks! I shall see them as a celebration of my arrival in my fifth Eurovelo 5 country. And of course to mark the fact that tomorrow, August 1st is Yorkshire day!
There is a risk that I may not be able to post anything again until much later in the day; my iPhone is down to 11%. I am desperate for a recharge!

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  1. The waiter in the bar kindly plugged it in for me… And as it was a sunny day I’m trying out my solar charger for the first time. Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks time but also looking forward to the bit between here and Campagna as well!!!
    Thanks for your nice comments

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