Dover & Out

My first border crossing awaits me at the bottom of the cliff. You get a very different view of Dover from this side. The castle behind me holds a stunning position in deeply wooded land. Beats the M20 entrance into the town hands down!
Posting from continent may be a bit more sporadic so I may find myself using Twitter more and try and give an overview of the day once I have arrived at wherever my destination for that day may be… Just for the record, the stats for yesterday were as follows; Cycling time: 6hrs 49mins
Distance: 127.61 kms
Average speed: 18.7 kms/hr
Maximum speed: 53.2 kms/hr
Total Eurovelo 5 distance:257.2 kms
France, here I come!

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    • It wasn’t coming into Dover, it was somewhere on the A2 heading towards Canterbury; a very long, straight road. It may even have been (hope you are not a policeman Paul) going though the Medway tunnel – illegal for a bike – after getting very frustrated at not being able to get through the Medway towns… Hope you are enjoying the blog ๐Ÿ™‚

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