And So To Bed….

I think I need to be more careful when pitching the tent. As I type this message, the blood is rushing to my head as the ground is clearly not flat. Perhaps I will dream better…
Sorry to bang I’m about the campsite but it really is amazing. British campsites are not supposed to be like this; it breaks the cardinal Carry On Camping rule that campsites should be on the wrong side of crap! I do know my stuff when it comes to the good, the bad and the ugly in the campsite world after all those months working for Eurocamp back in my early 20s. This one is up there with the most pristine places you might find in the Swiss Alps. I wandered around a few moments ago to see what I hadn’t already seen and am pleased to report that I cannot find fault ๐Ÿ™‚
My mind is turning to tomorrow; to Canterbury. The chap who greeted me at reception said that he could probably help me out with some maps; they will probably be NCN Route 1 maps. To be honest, tomorrow’s cycling is one of the more neglected parts of the planning for this trip. What I do want to make sure is that I get a chance to see some of Canterbury itself; I did go there once years ago but only saw the ring road and the inside of a pub so ever since, one of England’s most historic places has left me a bit cold. Although I lack any religious convictions, it would be nice to pause at the cathedral and reflect upon the nature of any overland trip to Rome. Many have done it and there is a certain spiritual box that I want to tick which will allow me later to consider the meaning of the Canterbury to Rome route.
Finally, Iain Harper – regular reader of this blog – has kindly offered the spare room in his house tomorrow evening. He lives in Deal which may be a little too far. I’ll make a decision on that once I have arrived in Canterbury tomorrow. If I did stay with Iain, Tuesday would be a slightly easier day as Deal is very close to Dover. It’s a great option to have (the other option us of course to camp) and it is certainly up there competing! My eyes are beginning to shut…

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