Abbey Wood Campsite

What an amazing place. Tucked into a corner of south east London, not far from Woolwich, lots of trading estates and Belmarsh Prison, you could quite easily be in the Dordogne. And at ยฃ11.90, a bargain to boot. Great days cycling – here are the stats; total kilometres: 129.65, cycling time: 7 hrs 40 mins, average speed: 16.9 km/hr (these last two are heavily skewed downwards because after meeting up with friend Paul in London, we walked from Trafalgar Square all the way to the East Great), maximum speed: 42.1 km/hr, Eurovelo 5 cumulative: 129.6 km (of course). Wonderfully grubby. I will sleep well tonight ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. This is soon to be a familar sight to me, as I have the same tent. Just without the butterfly handlebars!!
    Glad it has all start well Andrew, can’t wait to follow.

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