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Bill Vrabel, via his blog, ย is going through the learning process about long-distance cycling that I have had to do over the last couple of years and it’s interesting to see his two most recent posts about camping (or not) and going down the route of clipless pedals. And Susan Hausberger has now started her blogย  about her trip from Austria to the UK. It is interesting how they have both chosen a “look” which is very similar; the openย bicycle pathย stretching out into the distance along a (very continental) avenue of trees… (although Sue’s look more English than continental on closer inspection, as does the sheep).

While updating the EV5 blog news, Jonathan Scott continues to update his blog retrospectively – his most recent post describes his journey in and around Dijon. I say retrospectively as if you look at his superb photos on his Flickr site, it would indicate that he is now in… Edinburgh!

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  1. I have also set up my blog! And used the same picture as a start, although I hope to take one of my bike along a country lane!
    It is
    I am starting to update just yet, but will get to that soon.
    Did a 5 hr ride today, and realise that I may need to do a lot more before 9th August!!

  2. Yes, it does look more english than continental. I didn’t exactly choose it, because it was already on, but as it reminds me of Chapels Drive, behind where I used to live in Leicestershire, I decided not to change it.
    The big coincidence is that Bill will almost probably be passing through my village in the Tyrol, but I’ll probably be on my trip then too!

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