How to Close an Ortlieb Back Roller Classic 2

But look at this picture also from the Ortlieb websiteย (see earlier post about how to…). The top of the bag is rolled under and the longer straps (that I have detached and are currently on top of a wardrobe back at the flat) stretch down to the clip on the front of the bag towards the bottom; this is how they look on Mark Beaumont’s bike too!

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  1. Hi Andrew,

    Yes, this is how you are supposed to close your Ortlieb roll-top panniers. I think the other picture you linked to in an earlier post shows a dry bag, not a pannier. What’s the difference? Closing your panniers the way it shows in this picture will keep the top relatively flat, making it easier to lay things like your tent across the back panniers. Dry bags (which tend to be just thrown in canoes, for example) don’t need that functionality. Also, if you have the strap with you it makes it easier to carry the pannier as a bag, when you want to walk to the supermarket and back, for example, or as carry-on in an airport.

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