Pressure to Perform

This is purely a self-imposed pressure. No advertisers to keep happy or critics to placate. But, as my subtitle tells you, this is a journey by blog and bike and I do keep a keen eye on my WordPress stats page which a fascinating mine of mathematical facts and figures about . The graph above for exampleย shows the number of visits to this home page. Am I loosing my mojo? Look at the decline over the last week or so (it looks worse by today’s figure which, at 8am shows the few people who have come to this site today – 9 so far.) More worrying is the graph below which shows the number of visitors to the website (not just the homepage) by week. From a peak over 1,400 weekly visitors in April it has come down to around 750 this week (assuming a few more people come to the site today; the new week starts tomorrow). It’s interesting to reflect that when I write something worth reading, I get more visitors, when I am more prosaic, I am ignored. There’s a lesson in life. And I think that banging on about theย statistics of a website falls into the latter category, not the former… Shut up Andrew and think of something interesting to say!

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