Won Over By Lycra?

It was late night opening at A.W. Cylces yesterday so I took a slight detour on my way home last night to see what they had on offer in the cycling shorts direction. One of the familiar faces greeted me and after a few pleasantries, he said he had just the thing for my trip to Italy. It was beautifully shiny with a “golf ball” style padded seat to minimise the area of contact. It was also an over-your-shoulder job rather than just a pair of shorts. I was impressed until my eye looked towards the box and saw the price: ยฃ163ย (the box! I should have seen it coming as items of clothing that come in boxes are not cheap…). I congratulated the assistant on his sales pitch (worthy of the Apprentice) but explained that I was looking to spend rather less than ยฃ163; more likely around ยฃ50. Another whole body job was next to be shown along with some shorts. He said both were good products and good value and that I should try them on. I tested the shorts first and they were perfect so didn’t bother with the whole body item and I now have and indeed am wearing as I type having just arrived at work some very comfortable Lycra cycling shorts with padding that makes my old cycling shorts (and insert padding) feel like sandpaper. It my long cycling journey I think I have passed the rubicon; I will now be wearing Lycra below the waist. And for around ยฃ35 they were a bargain to boot!

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  1. You don’t get the full length bibs in my size, but I have some friends who were sceptical when they bought it, and now absolutely love it. Maybe you shoudl give on a try?

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