Busy Day

I’m off to Paris in the morning – in five hours time to be precise and am still trying to get my washing done – with 30 students from school; I’ll post a few pictures of cycling-related Parisian things.

Did my commute today with the new bars; definitely a good decision although the jury is still out on whether I need to invest in an extra long stem (see below). I’ll give it a couple of weeks before I decide. The shifters have their first bid on e-Bay so I suppose that means that I will be able to recoup at least ยฃ80 of the cost of the conversion. I’d like to bundle the sale with the drop bars and the brake levers and add another ยฃ50. That would mean the bulk of the cost of fitting the new bars has been covered.

Just been out at someone’s leaving do. It is now nearly midnight. I may regret trying to get my washing done at such a late hour when I drag myself out of bed at 4am. I am no longer 18….

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