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  1. Have you been out and used them much? What do you think?

    Don’t be worried about negative opinions. Iain’s comment speaks volumes me thinks. Some people just place aesthetics higher than function.

    I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder and while my bars obviously win in this regard yours are not unattractive. I also feel my Ergon grips give greater functionality and my Rohloff shifter greater simplicity as well but heh, who’s point scoring? As long as they work for you that’s all you should be concerned about.

    Seriously though, once you have tried those Ergon grips on a long ride it is difficult to appreciate just how comfortable they are. Looking at you picture I’m sure you have some room to fit a pair. Can be purchased at Evans as well and easy to fit!


    • got ergon grips with stubby bar ends on my rough stuff. Good shout, very comfortable when set up

What do you think?