New Books, New Hope

Some books of potential interest, especially the one in the middle; Great Cycle Journeys of the World. The blurb reads: 

With 34 classic cycle routes covering six continents, through some of the world’s most stunning natural landscapes, this book provides something for everyone planning their next cycling holiday.  Featured areas range from Bhutan to Bolivia, S Africa to Sweden, and Yorkshire to Pakistan. Awe-inspiring photography accompanies each route described in detail by riders with first-hand experience, plus advice on when to visit; what equipment to bring; how long the trip should take, and maps that might be useful to take.  Also contained is information on any permits and restrictions you need to be aware of, any relevant tour operators, accommodation, and points of interest along the way.

No mention of London to Rome (and beyond) but I’ll see if I can check it out over the weekend in Waterstones. I live in hope.

The other two books are Take a Seat [One Man, One Tandem and 20,000 miles of Possibilities] , the story of a chap who did a Mark Beaumont-style ride along the west coast of the Americas (but beat him in the publishing race) on a tandem and asked others to join him en route (now there’s an idea!) and the more prosaic Cycling in the South East of England which is part of a new series of regional cycling books published at the end of the month; this cycling thing is clearly beginning to take off!

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  1. I looked at the Great Cycling Journeys book in Waterstones and although it is beautiful, I would have expected more from a book costing £24.99….. It didn’t, btw, include the Eurovelo 5 (or any part of it). The nearest it got was a short trip along the Amalfi coast, south of Naples.

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