EV5 – 2 Months

My handlebars arrived but they were motorcycle-type number plates (registration P26 something). Despite the contents of the package, the bike hadย been converted to an “upright” style, but looked like a Winnebago complete with roof canopy and shed at the back. The forks were very angular and had bright orange shifters…. And I was trying it out in what felt like the mid-West of the States. Was that woman aย policewoman?

They say write down your dreams when you wake up otherwise you’ll forget them, no matter how vivid they were. Bleary-eyed, that’s what I’m doing but it was no dream, it was a nightmare! The picture is the nearest thing the Internet can throw up that comes anywhere near to the monster that I just saw.

What a way to celebrate the fact that I set off to Italy in exactly two months…. White rabbits? I just said it for good luck and to negate the dream.

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  1. Wearing bright red and lycra makes you invisible to drivers of other vehicles, Period.
    On my 11.5 mile commute today in Cumbria (not exactly the big smoke) I have been apexed at 70mph by a red astra, Had a passat estate do an emergency brake when he realised he was either going to hit a traffic island or me. and had a silver van run out of room at a set of traffic lights forcing me towards the kerb. Bloody murder. I wish I had a helmet cam. Arrrrgh.

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