My Cold But Picturesque Commute

I have to say that I have a pretty nice commute compared to some. Once I have escaped the urban wood that is Reading and Caversham (I was going to say jungle but Reading isn’t quite there yet…), I cycle along a long, quiet country road that cuts off the south-east corner of Oxfordshire and leads all the way to Henley-on-Thames. When the sky is blue, the wind is non-existant and the sun on my face as it was this morning, it’s a real delight and it makes it hard to arrive at work in anything less than positive frame of mind, even when, like today, I have five periods to teach, a meeting after school and endless tasks upon which to catch up…. Just one problem this week; it has been bloody freezing and this morning I even reverted back to the thermals!

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    This is my standard training ride although I have stopped using computers and now just go by feel. it’s about 41 miles and the fastest decent has seen me hit 57mph with a tail wind. This year the racer has not seen light of day as the weather has been pretty poo and the roads are the worst I have seen them so touring bike all the way. New titanium tourer may be on the cards from spa cycles, watch this space…

  2. It has been cold in the mornings but really nice. Yesterday I took a detour to wotk to rack up some extra miles in the saddle as I’ve not been out much. It was lovely with a rainshower ahead of me springing up rainbows out of yellow fields of rapeseed. Have a look at the route and stats on this link:

    Today was not as pretty with me taking the most direct route but still feel much better cycling rather than driving.

    • Great pace with a fair amount of climb! , thats about the climb I get on a 40 miler around the lakes. Top ride.

      • Cheers. Kent isn’t all that flat in some bits. Especially across the downs. Here’s another ride, probably one of my favourite routres passing through some lovely areas towards Wye after Folkestone then onto Canterbury before a flat section home from there.

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