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  1. Just read the cycling blog, looks very interesting! I expect my experience will be quite difficult though, I have a very limited time period and a lot to do. I’ll look out for william dalrymple’s stuff, maybe they’ll have it in kensington library? if i can find my card…

    He’s doing some talks at the national portrait gallery on the evening of the 3rd of June http://www.npg.org.uk/whatson/events-calendar.php?eventSearch=nine+lives, I think i’ll go, and my mum is coming down that week too, i think she is very worried about me going to india.

    Aside from that, i will be out of london 24th-27th of may (going to chester visiting a friend), and i set off for india on 22nd june… returning 26th july, which won’t be too far into your own journey! And i’ll be around all dates that aren’t those.

  2. Gahh! His face is like a waxwork. I wonder if they madame tussad’d him you could tell the difference. I suppose people get more conservative as they get older, but I only know three, perhaps four people who actually do like him. Myself not included.

    Anyway, i’m in the process of finalising my itinary for india. My travelling companion has dropped out as she is epileptic, and both her family and the insurance company are not happy with her going!

    So it’s 3 weeks of a homestay (working on projects, but nothing too heavy mind) in the rural north, with other voulenteers, then two weeks of getting trains right across from delhi to calcutta via agra, allahabad, varanasi (one of the oldest cities still in existence), and returning via bodh gaya (where the buddha gained englighenment, apparantly), and the archalogically interesting area around there.

    … and camilla is going to a greek party island! She is going to be in greece, the parents in france, and me in india all at the same time. And you, presumably somewhere in europe.

    It sounds like a hell of a lot to do by myself, but after the three weeks I hope to have somewhat acclimatised to the culture, and this should make it easier. I have thought very seriously about safety etc, I nearly abandoned the idea when jakinda dropped out, but there is a forum called indiamike.com which has been very helpful, and i’m confident enough to do it.

    So, the reason i’m posting this here is because I am going to do a blog, too. not as fancy as this one. But i’ll send you the link as soon as it’s set up. Exams next week so probably not till next weekend.

    Anyway, hope things are well with the planning.

    • I think you’ll be fine by yourself; it will be a great opportunity to meet other people and you won’t have to spend all your time consulting someone else as to what to do – you can just do it!
      There is lots to read about India, its history and culture. Try William Dalrymple; I read a couple of his books back in the late 80s / early 90s and they really make you want to just get off your backside and go somewhere adventurous! See http://www.williamdalrymple.uk.com/Pages/Books.html
      Mark Tully who used to be the BBC’s correspondant in India has also written a few books about the place. And right up to date, I can point you in the direction of a cycling blog! Oli Broom is currently cycling from the UK to Australia (with a cricket bat) to watch the Ashes later in the year. He is currently in India and his blog is here: http://cyclingtotheashes.wordpress.com/
      I think your own blog is a fantastic idea; WordPress I would recommend as it looks professional but is easy to use and update, even via a mobile phone.
      Good luck with the exams! Are you around if I pop down to London in a couple of week’s time?

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