Cleats – (Minor) Disaster!

I cycled to work this morning and by the time I arrived, the left shoe had become very loose – it was “floating” much more than the right shoe. On dismounting, I uncleated the right shoe but the left refused to do so…. until I forced it and the cleat itself ripped from the shoe. Arghh!!!! The cleat was still stuck firmly in the pedal. After a few minutes, I managed to prise it from the pedal (the four parts in is made up of fired off in different directions!) and found an alan key to re-attach the cleat to the shoe. Fortunetly the screw thread had not been damaged and everything is now back as it should be…. I hope. I now have to cycle home carefully in the hope it was a one-off because the cleat was not fixed tightly enough on the shoe. I’ll pass by AW Cycles for a consultation as to what the problem might have been. ๐Ÿ™

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  1. Bad luck!
    I find that no matter how tight you do up the screws after 20 minutes they will tighten again. I think this is to do with the compression of the hard plastic on the underside of the shoe.

    When you take old cleats off to replace them they leave a large dent, which, helps position the new ones!

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