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I said in a post just before Easter that I was going to avoid buying lots of equipment for the trip over the holidays…. errr, failed miserably on that score. I have just bought, sorry, invested in (sounds less fickle) some panniers – the Ortlieb ones I mentioned, in blue to match the bike (seeย the artist’s impression!)ย from Cycle Sports UK. I actually got to handle some of the bags this morning in one of the cycling shops in Oxford and felt happier in investing as a resultย (there are parallels here with the shoe situation – I’m not one of those “oh sod it, buy on the Internet and send back if there is a problem” kind of people!). They were surprisingly light and tough; nothing complicated about them, just a secure, waterproof bag. At this rate I will be in a position to escape for a few days at some point next week to test everything; now there’s an idea….

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  1. Oh , One thing to check before you get a bar bag.. Your bike is the same set up as mine and the mounting system must be compatible with the secondary bar top brake levers. Some mounts don’t fit with these!! Also it is a bit of a squeeze with larger bar bags between the gear cables. I have had no shifting problems with mine although it does alter the cable route somewhat when I put the bag on.

    • Thanks for the advice but I’m not convinced by bar bags. I have one and used it last summer cycling along the Pennines but it was too much of a distraction. Useful for the map however. Anyway, not sure how it would fit along the handlebars as they are currently configured – they are very busy with cables, especially the cables attached to the breaks that are placed where the bar bag would normally go….

  2. Bar bag is a must.
    Saves carrying things on your body (weight seems less on the bike and as you move your body around) and your valuables are in plain sight in front of you.
    It should be quick to detatch at food/beer/toilet stops and have a map holder on the top big enough to take map and compass. Also a point to attach a front light if you think you may be doing a bit of nocturnal riding is a plus.
    Ortlieb do one to match of course…
    If the price is bearable. Mine is a bit bigger at 6.5l but is not waterproof.
    and , of course cheaper!!
    Jim ๐Ÿ™‚

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