The Decathlon Rockrider 8 MTB Shoes (Grey, not Black!)

I could finally have found some cycling shoes. And here they are, from Decathlon and not completely black! When I went to the Decathlon store in Surrey Quays, East London this morning, they didn’t have them in stock but they did have some black ones in size 43. They were a bit too big so it gave me some confidence in buying a grey pair size 42 online. However, the grey ones are out of stock so the chap I was talking to in the shop promised to order some from France and have them sent over. As soon as he has done that, they will be able to be ordered from the website. The price listed on the Deacthlon site is ยฃ59.99 but as the price quoted in store was only ยฃ39.95, he said I would be able to pay the lower price. That is good news all round. Strange thing is that the Lakeside Decathlon store in Essex does have the grey 42 in stock but as I am out of their delivery area, they can’t help me!

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