Jim Rawnsley; Star of Google Street View

If you have been reading the comments to the previous post, here is the picture than Jim Rawnsley has found of himself on Google Street View. Apart from being a valued contributor to this blog, Jim is also the brother of my sister-in-law! Why have they blurred out the middle bit of your body Jim? Do you have a tatoo advertising something on your left leg? Nice place to ride (next to Conniston Water in the Lake District). Incidentally, Street View has now hit Reading but, as my flat faces out onto a private road, I can’t see in through my windows! This is the nearest you can get

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  1. Seems they thought thats where my number plate was ๐Ÿ™‚ the only tattoo is the one left by my chainring and that is invariably on the right calf.

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