The Ridgeback Panorama: First Impressions…and Mud

Collected him / her from AW Cycles after work tonight. As I was walking up to the shop in Caversham, cycle gear on and helmet in hand, some wag on a folding bike commented “there’s something missing…”. But not for long. Quick explanation of how to fit the cleat, a bit of chit-chat and I was off! A bit unsteadily. It will take a while for me to adjust to the riding position; much lower that I am used to with the Trek. And the handlebars are incredibly narrow from the perspective of someone used to using straight bars; the whole bike feels far less agile. I will, no doubt learn to adjust. I was reminded of the first few minutes cycling last summer when I left my flat to go off to Berwick-upon-Tweed on the train with my Trek fully laden for the very first time; the slightest of wind would have blown me over. I didn’t dare change gear for fear of not being able to shift back; the BMW-style paddles are strange. Here is a picture of the cleat on one of the pedals for fans of this kind of thing (I hope to become one soon). Complete with my first bit of mud. I should freeze it for perpetuity!

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  1. Looks great!
    I have recently started using slipless pedals, and love them. I haven’t fitted them to my new bike yet, but can’t wait to. I already feel much more efficiency with a bigger wheel, add that to the pedals I will be flying!!

  2. bloody beautiful!! now go and ride it till it’s filthy…

    If you havn’t read the dire warnings in the manuals supplied with the pedals.. this is what generaly happens. You find a quit road. You have turned the cleat tension down to low. you practice getting in and out.. You build the confidence to go for it. It seems so easy.. You get used to getting in and out at junctions and start asking yourself why you didn’t do this earlier, it’s soooooo much more efficient. You may even add a bit of cleat tension to firm things up.
    Then in a couple of weeks(and this has happened to me and at least 3 of my buddies) you will be on a long ride where you don’t have to unclip for ages and come to a stop and will have totaly forgotten you are not in the old pedals and do the zero mph topple onto your hip and elbow. and if you are like me the only thing you will be worried about is the bike. hopefully pride, health and bike in tact you will notice a great improvment in peddling. you will get used to the drops even quicker.
    It looks superb and I hope you get lots of pleasure from s/he

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