One week on WordPress

My free transfer from Blogger (sponsored by Google) to WordPress seems to have gone well and I haven’t lost my readership. At least I think I haven’t; the statistics supplied by WordPress for the first week are in the picture and are at least comparable with my latter days on Blogger, if not better. An interesting documentary on BBC2 in the UK this evening about the information revolution of the past 20 years from Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s invention of http to the social networked world of today. I thought it my be one of those predictable modern histories that reveals nothing new but it was actually an insightful analysis of the development of the World Wide Web focussing upon how and why rather than where , when and who. Lots of things I didn’t know and you can watch the last 10 minutes, which discusses blogs, if you are in the UK for the next month or so by clicking here. This is one of the 10% of blogs (of the 130 million ever set up) that are still active by the way! Something to be proud of I think.

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