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Itโ€™s been a while since I have mentioned any of the cycling adventurers who have inspired me over the past 18 months or so….
Mark Beaumont: he is in Peru and still going strong. Not sure when he is due to arrive in Ushuaia, Argentina โ€“ his final destination. He has mastered the Internet communication thing by having a blog, Facebook page and updates on Twitter apart from his own website. He is inspiration number 1! Forgot to mention his Flickr site as well! I’ve nicked his most recent photograph – here he is eating some Christmas Cake from his mum! Not sure about the Red Dwarf-style appendage to his forehead…
Oli Broom: he is cycling to the Ashes in Australia and has just arrived in Istanbul. The map on his website indicates that he is now about to head south and avoid the dodgy bits Middle East by cycling through Syria, Jordan etc… and then Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya. Thatโ€™s an interesting if extremely long way to avoid the areas where you could get killed! He then gets back on the usual route of the long-distance cyclist by heading for India.
Alastair Humphries: he is the guy who is based in North Yorkshire and who I first heard mentioned when I cycled through his village โ€“ Airton – last summer. Itโ€™s not immediately apparent what he is doing from reading his website. Resting?
James Bowthorpe: he broke Mark Beaumontโ€™s record for cycling around the World โ€“ he did it in 150 days โ€“ arriving back in London on 19th September. He has posted a couple of times since on his blog, the last time was on the 5th October. Perhaps he has just slipped back into normality…
Wonder if any of them follow this blog (Mark and Alastair have emailed me in the past). If you do, how about a more detailed, personailsed update for ?

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