Alfred L. C. van Amelsvoort PhD

What a name! He does, however, go by the more humble “Fred” and he has been in contact:
Dear Andrew,
I read with some considerable interest your plans for next year’s cycle to Brindisi. I’m planning to restart my journey from Rome to Jerusalem in April but as a walker. I completed the first leg from my home in north London to Rome last year. You route includes Benevento and Taranto. Have you at this time refined your route in more detail? If you have could you share the details with me?
Many thanks
Best wishes
Benevento and Taranto are both on the route from Rome to Brindisi. I wrote in an earlier post that there is “…the possibility of either following the route 1 (Ciclopista del Sole) or route 3 (Via dei Pellegrini – the Via Francigena) between Pisa and Puglia. Both pass through Rome. Number 1 is more coastal.” Route 3 passes through both Benevento and Taranto. However these are cycle routes.
As he is walking, he might want to investigate the website dedicated to Le Vie Francigene del Sud which I mentioned in another previous post where I wrote: “This site is new, apparently, and details the Via Francigena south of Rome. Those linguists amongst you will note the use of the plural “e” – it isn’t a typo – as there apperas to be more than just the one route. It’s also good to see that not everyone stops in Rome. My own trip will hopefully end in Brindisi.”
Hope this helps you Fred. I have nothing more detailed as yet although I have been in contact with some people in the area and they have promised more information about routes etc… nearer the time. Keep following the blog!

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