Cycling the Americas… Mark Beaumont is back!

Mark Beaumont (the guy on the left), the man who cycled the World and who I wrote about back in August / September last year when his programme was on the TV is at it again! He is currently in North America, cycling from Alaska all the way down to the tip of South America. This is a bit surprising as I seem to remember that the bit he disliked most of all when he cycled around the World was the bit in the USA. I suppose this time he is heading north to south so it is a bit shorter (or is it?). Anyway, he has a blog on the BBC website which neatly describes his adventure as follows: “World record breaker Mark Beaumont is cycling from Anchorage, Alaska to Ushuaia in Southern Argentina. He’ll also climb the two highest peaks on the continent, McKinley and Aconcagua. Along the journey he’ll tell the story online and be recording the adventure for a BBC One documentary series, The Man Who Cycled The Americas.”

He can also be followed on Flickr – some great photos! (I should re-kindle my own interest in my own Flickr pages – I have forgotten all the log in details!). Looking at Mark’s blog and Flickr pictures makes me wonder whether I shouldn’t try and get a media outlet involved in my adventure. Or is that delusions of grandeur? It would help keep me motivated…. In the meantime, Mark is my short-term motivation: I’ll keep following him!

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