A Route to Yorkshire

OK. Three maps and one route from Reading to Yorkshire. The middle map – Leicester, Coventry & Rugby – is twice the size of the other two so that section is a bit enlarged on the second picture. When you mark the route on the maps it doesn’t actually feel that long. I suppose when you travel by car up the M1 or by train “Cross Country”, the endless linear route gives you a sense that the distance is indeed almost endless. And travelling by car or train, boredom sets in which can only make such a trip more agonisingly long. It’s only 3 hours by either method. Five days by bike? Need to think more carefully about that one. Cycling from Reading to Oxford is about 4 hours from memory so I could probably get as far as Kidlington on Day 1. Banbury would be asking too much, especially for a first day. Or would it? I’d have the most energy on the first day. Day 2 would be as far as Stratford / Warwick. Day 3 the bit where the 63 and 52 cross. Day 4, Ashbourne. Day 5 somewhere between Buxton and Hadfield. Day 6 through Holmfirth and onwards to the Calder Valley. OK, six days.

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