Vroom with a View

Just finished reading Peter Moore’s book “Vroom with a View” where he rides a 1961 Vespa from Milan to Rome. He takes the route of more or less the Via Francigena – it even gets a mention (see below) a couple of times. Nice read that can’t fail to put anyone in the mood to spend a few weeks working your way slowly down through the Italian countryside. My plan is of course to do it even more slowly than him, by bike. Surely that should treble or even quadruple the joy of doing so. There is a second book that he has written – “Vroom by the Sea” – see below as I have already discussed this topic – where he goes back and continues south of Rome but I don’t think his route will be very similar to mine as I have to veer off to the east at some point in order to get to Puglia. I shall discover when I read it.

Peter Moore has a website with some photos of his trip at http://www.petermoore.net/ . Interesting to look at such photos having just read the book. The image you have in your mind never matches the reality of the people and the places. It would be very strange if it did.

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