The Wonderful World Wide Web

I got an email from a chap in Brisbane today – he is planning on doing the trip in May 2010. This is what makes the Internet such a fantastic tool! Nice of you to get in contact Jon (if you are reading this). Anybody else out there? Get in touch: Who are my visitors from Germany and Belgium? See the map down there on the right…. I think the visitor from Rome may have been my friend Basil checking the Internet at Rome airport waiting for his flight down to Puglia.

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  1. Hey there Andrew,Thanks for the nice post! I have bought my bicycle – a Surly Long Haul Trucker and now am embarking on purchasing the rest of the gear! (slowly, as money permits).I have taken your advice and started up a blog of my own! Nothing too special, just a log to gather my thoughts as much as anything else.Looks like you are getting along well in your training and preparations! Good to see.Cheers,Jon

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