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Cycling The EuroVelo 8 Mediterranean Route: The Brochure!

Every EuroVelo could do with one of these… Hopefully sometime soon they will. A glossy 90-page brochure giving an excellent overview of the EuroVelo 8 Mediterranean Route that I cycled back in 2013. The route is broken down into 15 sections starting in Cadiz and finishing in Cyprus […]


Hardbrakers: From Budapest To Istanbul

“A bunch of young hipsters ride from Budapest to Istanbul…” That’s the first line uttered in the film and it tells you everything you need to know. I can only imagine that there gear is being carried by the camera crew. An interesting 30 minute watch as the […]

The Return Of The Cyclist, Part I

I hate to admit this but… As chief executive (well, I write most of it) of you’d think I’d be off on my bicycle every day doing this and that, cycling to work, heading off into the countryside every weekend seeking out nooks and crannies on my […]