The Bike Show, Resonance FM (February 2012)

That was fun. It’s a good job that time in the real world, outside the studios of radio stations, doesn’t go by as quickly as it does inside those little sound-proofed rooms. We’d all be in our graves before we were out of the maternity ward. Fifteen minutes on Jack Thurston’s Bike Show on Resonance FM flew past, just as the hour on BBC Radio Berkshire and the ten minutes on Talk Radio Europe had done so last year. You can now listen to the entire half-hour programme on The Bike Show website. And here (for once), I shall stop banging on about Good Vibrations: Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie (‘there you go again – shut up!‘) and take a moment toย praise Jack’s show. It really does merit a place in The Guardian editorial column called ‘In Praise Of…‘ where unsung things are sung loudly & proudly. He has been presenting it since 2004 on Resonance FM and I scratch my head (and kick myself at the same time – not an easy thing to do) as to why I hadn’t heard of it, and more importantly hadn’t been listening to it before now. An eclectic mix of all things cycling – just scan your eyes down the archive of programmes – it is criminal that it is only broadcast in the central London area (104.4FM by the way) and not more widely. But there is of course the Internet that does help address that particular issue. In fact, The Guardian is indeed a fan. And so, now, am I. Highly recommended! You can follow Jack on Twitter @TheBikeShowย as well asย the other presenter of the show, Jen Kerrison @jenkerro. And while you’re there, @CyclingEurope of course!

P.S. : One of the past editions of The Bike Show features Blue Door Cycles, the place where I will be speaking on Wednesday 15th February at 8pm. I’m listening to it as I type! Details of how to find Blue Door Cycles on the shop’s website.

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