Reading to Brindisi (Eurovelo 5)

Cycling Day 1, Sunday 18th July 2010: Reading to Abbey Wood
Cycling Day 2, Monday 19th July 2010: Abbey Wood to Deal
Cycling Day 3, Tuesday 20th July 2010: Deal to Boulogne
Cycling Day 4, Wednesday 21st July 2010: Boulogne to Lille
Cycling Day 5, Thursday 22nd July 2010: Lille to Maubeuge
Cycling Day 6, Friday 23rd July 2010: Maubeuge to Charleville-Mézières
Cycling Day 7, Saturday 24th July 2010: Charleville-Mézières to Luxembourg
Rest Day 1, Sunday 25th July 2010: Luxembourg
Cycling Day 8, Monday 26th July 2010: Luxembourg to Metz
Cycling Day 9, Tuesday 27th July 2010: Metz to Dabo
Cycling Day 10, Wednesday 28th July 2010: Dabo to Strasbourg
Rest Day 2, Thursday 29th July 2010: Strasbourg
Cycling Day 11, Friday 30th July 2010: Strasbourg to Colmar
Cycling Day 12, Saturday 31st July: Colmar to Basel
Cycling Day 13, Sunday 1st Asugust 2010: Basel to Sursee
Cycling Day 14, Monday 2nd August 2010: Sursee to Lucern
Cycling Day 15, Tuesday 3rd August 2010: Lucern to Andermatt
Cycling Day 16, Wednesday 4th August 2010: Andermatt to Bellinzona
Rest Day 3, Thursday 5th August 2010: Bellinzona
Cycling Day 17, Friday 6th August 2010: Bellinzona to Como
Cycling Day 18, Saturday 7th August 2010: Como to Pavia
Cycling Day 19, Sunday 8th August 2010: Pavia to Salsomaggiore Terme
Cycling Day 20, Monday 9th August 2010: Salsomaggiore Terme to Berceto
Cycling Day 21, Tuesday 10th August 2010: Berceto to Pisa (via the Passo Della Cisa)
Rest Day 4, Wednesday 11th August 2010: Pisa & Lucca
Cycling Day 22, Thursday 12th August 2010: Pisa to Siena
Cycling Day 23, Friday 13th August 2010: Siena to Bolsena
Cycling Day 24, Saturday 14th August 2010: Bolsena to Rome
Rest Day 5, Sunday 15th August 2010: Rome
Cycling Day 25, Monday 16th August 2010: Rome to Sora
Cycling Day 26, Tuesday 17th August 2010: Sora to Benevento
Rest Day 6, Wednesday 18th August 2010: Benevento
Cycling Day 27, Thursday 19th August 2010: Benevento to The Laghi Di Monticchio
Cycling Day 28, Friday 20th August 2010: The Laghi Di Monticchio to Matera
Cycling Day 29, Saturday 21st August 2010: Matera to Cisternino
Cycling Day 30, Sunday 22nd August 2010: Cisternino to Brindisi
Monday 23rd August 2010: Cisternino
Tuesday 24th August 2010: Cisternino to Reading
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