My Route

This time it will be a toe to tip crossing of the continent following aย mixture of the Eurovelos 1 and 3 with short stretches of the Eurovelos 7, 10 and 12 thrown in for good measure. The start point is Tarifa in southern Spain. The end point is North Cape in northern Norway. Between the two are some 7,000 km of roads and cycle paths. I just need to make sure that I find the best ones…

Use the following links to access my pre-trip notes on cycling through each of the seven countries;

1. Spain (Eurovelos 1 & 3)

2. France (Eurovelo 1 & 3)

3. Belgium (Eurovelo 3)

4. Germany (Eurovelo 3)

5. Denmark (Eurovelos 3 & 10)

6. Sweden (Eurovelos 7, 12 & 3)

7. Norway (Eurovelos 3 & 1)

Here is the track… (the maps are in their approximate geographical position rather than the order in which the countries they will be cycled):



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