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(Summary information and map credit: European Cyclists’ Federation)

“Following Europe’s western border, the Atlantic Coast Route combines such contrasting landscapes as the majestic fjords of Norway, the wild Irish coastline and the sun-kissed beaches of Portugal. Cycling this route you will not only be impressed by dramatic landscapes but you will be seduced by bustling port cities and cosy fishing villages and also enjoy the best seafood each country has to offer. EuroVelo 1 does not just stick to the coastline either – there are equally exciting sections through the Scottish Highlands, across the Breton Peninsula and along the ancient Vía de La Plata route in Spain.”

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  1. Great site! I’m looking to cycle Santander to Roscoff this summer. Two of us are planning to do it with road bikes travelling very light and looking to do it in about 7 days. Can you tell me if the surface of EV1 is rideable on a road bike or would we be better to stick to the roads? Josh

    • Martyn Sloman
      Interesting question. I am hoping to do the same trip this year with my wife, from Roscoff – we are not sure how to finish – whether to go on to Santander or get a train back or the bikebus!!
      Suggestions would be helpful
      Further, is the route flatish?

    • Hi Josh, I did the route from Roscoff to Spanish border two years ago, on a hybrid, I used a road tyre with some additional grip, for the most part the roads, cycle ways, canal paths are extremely good and suitable for normal road bike. The section between Arcachon and Leon involves quite a lot of forest routes ( make sure yo have enough fliud etc as no shops/cafes in the forest) which is part gravel , part hard soil which if the weather is good are suitable for road bikes. If you have doubts this is the section to detour.
      Hope This helps.

  2. Hi Andrew,
    Have you any idea of how good the direction l signage is on the Spanish section of route 1? I did the French section last year which for most of the route was excellent .

    • Thanks for the link. I’ll try to remember to add it to the list of links on this page when I get back home in September but if I forget, please remind me!

    • Hello Violaine,

      We are delighted to hear that Nantes would like to host Velo-city in 2015.
      We shall be passing through Nantes in the Spring of next year and would very much like to spend some time in the City and make contacts there.

      We are Spoke n Chain, a creative bicycle arts team that came into being in 2009 in Bristol, and discovered both the Eurovelo routes and Kamishibai this year, (storytelling from the back of a bicycle).
      We are currently developing our workshop and performance techniques and rigging a Yuba bicycle with a Kamishibai stage, a projector, a sound system and built in power generation in order to undertake a full blown bicycle storytelling theatre tour next year, beginning in April.

      We plan to travel from Bristol to Plymouth, then to Bordeaux (twinned with Bristol) and Brest (twinned with Plymouth) along Eurovelo 1, performing and running workshops along the way, and then East along Eurovelo 6 and wherever else the Eurovelo routes take us over the next few years, a return to Nantes in 2015 perhaps.

      Kevin and Sylvie

  3. Hello, together!

    I´m searching a cycle-track I´ve seen a year ago along the atlantic coast next to St. Nazaire while starting my ride with EuroVelo 6 to Basel.
    This trail was called “L´Ocean á velo” but I can´t find any informations about this track. Where does it start – and end?

    I´d like to cycle next year from St. Nazaire along the coast to Amsterdam – I´ve got a recumbent bike (velo couche) so I CAN´T go any steep paths.
    Does anybody has some Informations about this track – alternatively I could take the EuroVelo 1 – but this doesn´t go along the coast.
    How steep are there the paths?

    Would be happy to get any informations – journey will start in May 2012
    Michael (Germany)

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