Dan Joyce: How To Adapt Any Bike For Cycle Touring

Earlier today I had the privilege of introducing and later questioning the editor of Cycling UK’s Cycle Magazine, Dan Joyce, at the Cycle Touring Festival. Dan gave a talk about touring bikes. You can actually watch the presentation and question-answer session on the Cycle Touring Festival Facebook page (although you’ll need to sign in to Facebook and be a member of the Cycle Touring Festival group). Some of those attending the session asked if we could make the presentation that Dan used available as it contained a wealth of information. Well, here it is, as a video. You may need to pause the video to read all the slides. Each slide appears for 10 seconds. Enjoy! (Again…)

About Dan: “Dan Joyce is the editor of Cycle, the magazine of Cycling UK (formerly CTC). Heโ€™s been a cycling journalist since 1991 and has probably published โ€“ and rejected โ€“ more touring articles than any other editor. Heโ€™s also written touring articles for other cycling magazines and the national press.

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