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Cycling Trip Tips For 2021

By Lucy Hudson

Are you the type who isn’t satisfied to simply lay at the beach while on holiday, or lounge around a pool at a large hotel or resort? Do you prefer to be more active, and experience a variety of sights, cultures, and highlights while on holiday? If so, a European cycling trip can be the perfect solution, as you’ll be active each and every day, you’ll have the luxury of setting your own itinerary and pace, and there will never be a dull moment. 

So, before you move ahead with your plans, here’s a look at some cycling trip tips that are perfect for 2021. These will ensure your holiday is smooth and enjoyable right from the start.

Plan Your Route Wisely

The most important element of your cycling trip will be the route that you take. This doesn’t just mean the destinations you choose, but how far you plan to travel each day, and the pace that you’ll set for yourself. You don’t want to cram too much into a day, as that won’t leave enough time for sight-seeing. At the same time, you probably want to cover enough ground that you feel as though you’re getting a really good feel for the destination.

Expect to Encounter Weather that Isn’t Ideal

While it would be amazing to have nothing but sunny warm days the entire trip, that’s just not very realistic. If you go in expecting to encounter a variety of weather conditions, then you will pack accordingly and have a plan in place for what to do if the weather doesn’t allow for cycling that day.

Another weather-related tip is to avoid cycling in the middle of the day during the summer months. Europe can get extremely hot during the summer, so it’s easy to become overheated and dehydrated if you’re cycling in that heat.

Purchase Travel Insurance Before You Leave

Because you just never know when the unexpected can occur, it’s also wise to look into travel cover from Staysure before you depart. Unfortunately, those unexpected events can completely ruin a holiday, but if you’ve got travel insurance then you have peace of mind. Staysure even offers COVID-19 coverage on all its new policies, and there is no additional fee for it. Their single trip coverage is perfect for your next biking holiday thanks to the 24-hour medical emergency support.

Book Your Accommodation in Advance

For many people, part of the allure of a cycling trip is to just hit the open road and see where it takes you each day and not really living by an itinerary. While that seems like a wonderful notion, the fact is that you want to be sure there are accommodation options available to you each evening wherever you decide to stop. It’s wise to book your accommodation in advance to ensure this. Booking in advance can also save you money, as you may be able to take advantage of special promos or room rates.

Carry Snacks and Water with You

For any experienced cyclist, this tip isn’t exactly a newsflash, but for those who are relatively new to cycling trips, it’s important to mention. You want to be sure that within your backpack you have water and snacks. Staying hydrated is extremely important, and there isn’t always a place to stop and grab and drink. When you do stop to explore sights, towns, and cities, it’s wise to get a refill then.

These are just a few of the very important tips to keep in mind while you plan your European cycling trip for 2021. Remembering to keep safety and your wellbeing at the top of the list will help ensure you have an amazing holiday.

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  1. In addition to the useful advice provided, maybe one should consider wearing appropriate clothing for long hours in the saddle day after day. That chick is hot, but her clothing is not practical for severe changes in weather, temperature, altitude, or locale. She’s going to get sunburned, wind burn, and likely saddle sores dressed like that. No gloves or helmet or sunglasses isn’t the best way to long distance tour either.

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