The Best Apps To Use For Any Budding Cyclist

By Ryan McDonald

A recent report found that around 20 million bicycles are sold in Europe every year, with the biggest % of cyclists per nation coming via Germany โ€“ with just shy of half of all Germans said to cycle more than once a week. This influx of budding cyclists has come during an era where technology is ever-changing, and one key aspect of this being possible is the availability of smartphones. 

Marrying the two sectors together with apps like Strava has revolutionised competitive cycling, but with such a wide range of other cycling-based apps on the market, which is currently the most popular amongst cyclists? Which will likely become more popular in the coming years?

Entertainment Apps and New Tech

Entertainment apps linked to cycling have seen a huge boom in interest recently, cycling-based smartphone games such as Bike Mayhem, Downhill Supreme, and ChainReaction Cycles are becoming increasingly popular, and in turn, attracting a new generation to cycling. 

For the more ardent cyclist, apps such as AccuBattery are a must. AccuBattery provides an in-depth look into your smartphoneโ€™s battery health, and how much power you have remaining for other non-essential apps and phone usage. Not every cyclist will place much importance on accessing the non-essential things our phones can do while out on a ride. But it is important for others to access the apps they would usually use, such as social media, streaming, and gaming.

In fact, gaming may be more relevant to cycling than some would initially think. Recently, similarities between cycling and gaming have been struck in a most unexpected way, via the usage of Virtual Reality technology. VR is used in casino gaming to provide their players with a virtual casino, where users can play at virtual tables and interact with fellow gamblers. Anyone who would like to learn much more about LeoVegas can do so on BonusFinder, which provides in-depth online casino reviews and information on existing sign up offers and welcome bonuses.

Identifying the success that online gambling has had with virtual reality and augmented reality technology, cycling is increasing using this technology itself as a means to attract new cyclists to the sport. Indoor cycling app Rouvy uses what it describes as โ€œaugmented roadsโ€ which allows users to cycle on GPS-based videos of real places from wherever they are in the world. Alongside the increased popularity of augmented reality cycling, virtual reality cycling through apps such as VirZOOM, and Holodia is allowing users to enjoy challenging cycles from the comfort of their homes.

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Competitive Cycling and Tracking Apps

Any cyclist with a competitive edge to them will likely be using apps like Strava and Training Peaks, which keep track of your riding stats and allow you to share your progress with fellow cyclists. These apps can provide users with new cycle routes via their GPS system, so are a must for any cyclist on the move.

Komoot provides any cyclist with a definitive route from A-B, supplying users with the information needed to get to their required destination as safely and efficiently as possible. The Komoot app allows users to fully plan their routes, incorporating any specific locations or features that theyโ€™d like to hit on the way. As such, this is something of a holiday cyclist’s bible. Unlike Strava, Komoot is more focused on exploring and route-making, not competition, therefore both can coexist in the smartphone of any burgeoning cyclist.

Whether it is for relaxation, gaming, or simply for tracking their cycling progress, there are currently a variety of apps available for cyclists. Better yet, continuing to adopt new technology, including modern technological trends like VR equipment, will provide cyclists with even more cycling-based apps to try in the future.

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