Quarantine And Cycling

By Tyni R

City cycling has been smoother thanks to less traffic and fewer people on the road. Itโ€™s also been good since it is now an ideal alternative to public transportation. If you have your own car, then thatโ€™s good, too.

This pandemic has brought various changes to lifestyles worldwide but it has brought forth a nice light to cycling. Although that is a nice benefit for the cycling culture, it is still sad that it also has brought forth limitations to the usual habits of cycling with friends or long distance cycling. Wearing masks can also be quite a struggle for breathing after cycling. While we still canโ€™t enjoy the normal we used to have, here are a few ways we try to cope with quarantine.

Stationary Bike / Stand

Yes, itโ€™s quite different from actual outdoor cycling but it still lets us burn a few stresses off. A good cardio a day makes everything okay.

Keeping Up Online

We get to scour and devour the Internet space to satisfy our cycling cravings — from the latest with famous riders, latest bicycle models, and even funny daring cycling videos. But unless you think youโ€™re pro material, donโ€™t try it at home. You wouldnโ€™t want to be near in any hospital as much as possible during the pandemic. Donโ€™t contribute to the stress of hospital frontliners.


More time for research so better plan the next rides thoroughly — routes, needs, timeline, etc. Budget planning, too, for the next bike or accessory purchases.

Get Comfy

Donโ€™t think of it as being stuck at home. Think of it as being safe at home. While weโ€™re at it, make the most of it and get comfy with the right plain wear or casuals clothing. Sooner or later, we will get our usual adrenaline fix from the outdoor rides.

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