Heading East (And Back…) With Wanda

Today is promised to be the hottest day of the year so far. Yesterday was my longest ride of the year so far, albeit split into three; 65 km from home in the west of West Yorkshire to Tadcaster, just over the border in North Yorkshire, 16 km to York and a final 10 km from Huddersfield station back home after a train ride back west. Why? Well, apart from the joy of the cycling, Wanda, the Koga World Traveller had been booked in for her first service at CycleSense in Tadcaster and I’m delighted to say she passed with flying colours. New brake pads, change of oil in the Rohloff hub and a few checks here and there… Good as new!

Nice descent cycling east, particularly appreciated after climbing out of the eastern suburbs of Leeds…

…lunch by the river in Tadcaster…

…from the Wharfe to the Ouse to catch up with Rob Ainsley next to the Millennium Bridge in York…

…before the short cycle back into the centre of York to the almost deserted station for a bit of roof admiration:

No sign of that goose!

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  1. Was great to meet up, suitably distanced of course, on such a beautiful day! And it was nice to see the bike in the flesh, too. I’m still just a bit envious of that cool double-stand…!

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