Photography: Freedom Of Movement On A Bicycle

I shall probably reblog this a few times before the end of March…

In these dying days of Britain being within the European Union, a retrospective photographic look at what the freedom of movement – across a peaceful continent of countries with shared values and aspirations – means in reality… That freedom is about to be curtailed for most people within the United Kingdom, and 52% of people voted in favour of such a move. The yobs outside parliament who heckle and shout ‘Nazi’ without any comprehension as to just how offensive such words can be to most people in Europe fail to think at this level.  No, that’s wrong. They simple fail to think. Reflect upon that as you wander through the photographs below.

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  1. Andrew
    Can I correct you. 52per cent of those who voted were in favour. My son and nephews and many of their friends who are now 18 didn’t get a chance to vote on their future.
    It’s true many young people didn’t vote who had the chance but some of the older brexiteers are now dead. Even if they’re not they’ve enjoyed many years of peace and prosperity as eu citizens
    It seems quite ironic to me as a young person I voted to become a part of the eu in 1975 partly because I felt a United Europe would be a strong force against the Eastern European threat at that time.
    Just as we are about to leave Europe the USA and Russia have torn up the agreement to curtail nuclear developments!!!
    Democracy to me is the ability to change elected governments or regimes at given times. This is not the case with brexit. The ones who voted have shaped the lives of generations to come who will have no ability to reverse the situation
    Rant over ( but you did ask what I thought), !!!


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