The Waterford Greenway, Ireland

Here’s the visual story of my day cycling along the Waterford Greenway in Ireland last week. It was certainly Waterford and it was certainly green…

I had camped in Dungarvan – my destination at the southern end of the Greenway – on Thursday night…


…and a friendly local (they all seemed to be) offered me a lift to Waterford, the northern point of the route early on Friday morning…


…the route followed the line of the disused railway although for the first few kilometres a narrow-gauge railway had taken its place…


…then into the open countryside of Waterford pausing for a second stop at the Coach House café…


…before the final third of the route – the most spectacular – on a gentle descent towards Dungarvan via a wonderful cutting-tunnel-cutting sandwich…


…and a free-wheel ride over the headland and back towards the coast and a celebratory pint of the black stuff…


A great ride, indeed one that is certainly in my top ten of cycling days in Europe. Impressive stuff!


Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 18.52.08


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