Notes From Ireland: Home To Dungarvan

And these really are notes. The plan is to write up an article about my four days in Ireland (for publication?) once back in the U.K. 

Early start / tiresome drive across Lancashire-Cheshire / North Wales much nicer / echos of the French Riviera (sea, hills, fast corniche road?) / across Menai Straits almost without noticing / Holyhead / iPhone cameras stopped working / Irish Ferries’ Jonathan Swift / didn’t really live up to its name / Dublin port / set sat-nav to ‘no motorways’ / impromptu drive along the Liffey / boom time in the capital! / traffic lights – many & slow changing / along main road towards Wexford / reminiscent of driving in France / no lorries on good quality roads / cut corner nearer Wexford / arrive Waterford / tad disappointing / bit scruffy / urban after all that green unwelcome / hotel? / unsure… / plans for Waterford Cycleway still vague / start Waterford? / start Dungarvan? / sod it! / drive to campsite at Dungarvan / perfect / โ‚ฌ16 / great location near sweeping beach / chat with Scottish camper vanner / his first time in Irelsnd too / we agree on reality far surpassing expectations / check in / can’t camp near beach ๐Ÿ™ / field elsewhere / pitch tent / campsite very good but they have excelled themselves in prohibiting things / photos at beach / chat to Paddy the strimmer / he has heard of me! / think he might have heard of everyone he meets / lived here all his life / drive to town / pause at car park for greenway / chat to man putting his bike in van / David – Irish Leeds supporter / primary teacher turned funeral director / discuss greenway + BREXIT + benefits of EU fir Ireland + terrorism + politics / offers me a lift to Waterford tomorrow / problem solved! / 8:45 start / drive into Dungarvan via shop / heatwave on its way according to assistant / raffle ticket for big Gaelic football game??? / explain I’m just passing through / Dungarvan harbour beautiful in sunset / pint of Guiness(!) / try pay with new pound coins – very similar to Euros! / drive back / each bread next to beach / Paddy still strimming + litter picking / chat about greenway / no passenger trains since mid 60s / line kept alive by magnesite plant / he knows David / back to tent / write this… 

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  1. I like the idea of cycling in Ireland …..but it’s inclement weather puts me off bothering . Much prefer the canals of flat Strasbourg and then by the river Adda by Lecco….

  2. Hi, loved your book ๐Ÿ™‚

    I cycled the Waterford Greenway last weekend, lovely spin, easy going with a beautifully atmospheric tunnel near Dungarvan (maybe 6km out or so?).

    Waterford city does look a bit dull and depressing but the coast is amazing.

    I think the plant Paddy mentioned was the magnesite ore processing factory.

    • Is that ‘Washing Machine Post’ Brian? Thanks for the feedback / comments, especially the magnesite one. It must have been the pint of Guinness that I had in Dungarvan… lovely place, no?

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