Ireland! Immrama And… The Waterford Greenway?

C_X_69_XoAAfNFSThings are beginning to get busy in the run-up to the publication of ‘Spain to Norway on a Bike Called Reggie‘ on Thursdayย – if you are in or near the Leeds branch of Waterstone’s at 6.30pm on Thursday, come along to the launch! – and I have spent much of today being interviewed and even being photographed for a couple of newspapers. However, I’ve also being thinking about events a little further ahead, in June. I’ve been asked to speak at the Immrama Festival of Travel Writing in Lismore, Ireland and, as it says on the poster on the left, I’ll be doing my stuff in the Red Hall at 12.30pm on Saturday 17th. Tickets can be purchased via the festival website. In advance of my visit, I’ve written an article for the Irish Independent – ‘5 Tips for Cycling Trips: Even if you haven’t been in the saddle for ages‘ – that you can read online.

I’ll be travelling over to Ireland on Thursday 15th which will allow me to do a little exploring in a country that I have never previously visited. Dublin? Perhaps.ย The Wicklow Mountains? Another possibility. Waterford? Now there’s an idea… Especially as in March this year the former Waterford to Dungarvan railway line reopened having been converted into the Waterford Greenway:

Looks good, no? Has anyone cycled along it? More details can be found on the website. The only issue I may have is that I’ll be driving. As the greenway is a disused railway line, I’m assuming there isn’t a train to get me back from Dungarvan to Waterford at the end of the 46km cycle. There must be buses, no? More investigation needed. Bearing in mind its location, it will come as no surprise that the Waterford Greenwayย is also part of the Eurovelo 1… Watch this space!

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  1. Can’t wait until midnight when the Kindle version gets downloaded. Hard copy arrives later in the morning.
    Shame can’t make your talks due to training for my Ventoux challenge. Perhaps can arrange a talk locally.
    Now that Waterford Greenway – what a lovely idea. I think it will be nice do it with Mrs G x

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