The Bicycle That Went Out Into T’Cold

It’s Saturday afternoon (or it was when I wrote this) and my half-term break from social media (see previous post) encouraged me to get back out on Dale, the Cannondale… He’s been shamelessly inactive in recent months but this final week in February has finally seen some action! Nothing too adventurous; a ride to the heights of the Pennines at Buckstones, another to and from Halifax, a couple of cycles to see family in nearby Elland and then today, a train/cycle trip to Saltaire to pick him up after his post-purchase service at All Terrain Cycles at Salts Mill. Here he is in a rather wet Lister Park

…and the observant amongst you will notice that, in addition to some nice mud, he has inherited Reggie’s Crane bell, a sign that when it comes to riding out for the day, Dale is my current bike of preference. Note also the rear bag which I bought today. It’s a Topeak ‘DynaPack’ and can carry up to 4.5kg according to the packaging. Bearing in mind that its capacity is 4 litres, you’d have to find something fairly dense to put strain on the ‘QuickClick’ clamp. That’s certainly not going to be my wallet after paying nearly 50 quid for the pleasure of calling it my own. The bike shop wins again…

Note: The Brooks saddle was an earlier purchase after finding the standard Cannondale saddle too painful for words.

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  1. My cycling adventures are yet to begin and am following great blogs such as your for inspiration. The Brookes saddle is often the seat of choice but every time I see an image of it I cant help feeling it must be the most uncomfortable-do enlighten me on why a nice cushioned comfy looking saddle wouldn’t be better.

    • Logic would dictate that what you have said here is correct but for me, the large, flat surface area of the Brooks that allows a certainly amount of sliding is far more preferable. They aren’t cheap – this one was ยฃ70 and it is the least expensive – but I’d say they are worth every penny. I cycled the Cannondale from the shop in Saltaire (near Bradford) back home to Calderdale (about 25 miles over the moors) and I still had a sore arse days later… That never happens with the Brooks! ๐Ÿ™‚

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