Countrywise: Cycling The Calder Valley, Yorkshire

If you can get past Ben Fogle’s mis-pronunciation of ‘Sowerby’ (in fairness, only locals like me will spot that he is sounding the silent ‘w’), here’s an interesting watch on the ITV Hub which is available until the end of November (2016 that is if you happen to have found this post in 2020 via a Google search, that’s if you still do such things in 2020…). Ben visits Sowerby Bridge, one of the small towns that is strung along the Calder Valley, the area often featured in this Internet parish. Kicking off at Happy Days Cycle Cafe in the town centre he heads down the canal to Hebden Bridge before attempting the cobbled climb to Heptonstall, otherwise known as ‘The Buttress’. Worth a few minutes of your time.

Later in the programme he heads north into the Dales… on a Cannondale. Good choice!

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  1. I think that this programme is great. I used to live in the area. let me know where the open rope bridge is at the start of the programme that the people are walking on please.
    Many thanks Pam


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