The Cannondale CAADX 105 (2017) / aka’Dale’: Update

Under a rather gloomy sky, I took the new bike out for a proper spin yesterday – 55km – across all kinds of terrain. The observant of you will note the saddle has been changed – I bought a standard black Brooks earlier in the week – and my back side benefitted all day long. (For the unobservant I’ve included a photograph of it below…)

Arriving in Hebden Bridge I toyed with the idea of climbing the famous Cragg Vale (it was part of the Tour de France in 2014 and is famed for being the ‘longest continuous ascent in England‘ over 5 1/2 miles. It’s easy to spot in the profile below:



The full details of the ride can be found here should you be interested. My climb up Cragg Vale broke no records and I was passed by a number of other cyclists. Perhaps they had more forgiving gears. That said, it wasn’t on Cragg Vale when I felt the need to slip onto an easier cog (but couldn’t). That came at the very end of the day climbing the long road into Stainland and home. That’s the 100 metre climb at the end of the profile; decidedly steeper than the earlier, longer climb. To finish with, here’s a ladybird… (why not?):

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